So here I am ,

Battered and bruised

Lift me up and take me home

And I can’t seem to think straight

Take me home ,

Home .


You promised me , a life till eternity

Don’t leave me alone for the vultures to peck out my eyes,

Lift me up , I don’t wanna see that sight

I keep telling myself , I’ll be allright

This war is mine , all alone I fight

I tell myself , let the morning rays

Caress my eyes , I’ll be allright

I think of happy days to spend my sunny days ,

I’ll be allright

Everything I care about is vaporized

I’ll just close my eyes , I’ll be allright

Keep saying that



I’m just trying to get home ,

I’ll wager my soul , if there beholds a life full of laughter

As long as that life is not spent with you ,

I’ll take my Winnie pooh and snuggle myself to sleep

Yes , I’m not smiling , I have my reasons to weep

I should’ve started running , a long long time ago

Far away


I’ll do anything for you ,

Anything to see you content , that sfumato smile

Who am I kidding , we’re done

Over and out , fuck you

Yes , believe , close your eyes and fly away

Far , far away from me




I’ve endured too much

I feel numb , no I’m not

I feel so used , so stepped on , so messed up

And people wonder why I wish to be alone

Like a blood thirsty ghoul , begging for blood

I crave to be a lone wolf , people will whisper

Like I care

But there is beauty in there , satisfaction

Show me where it hurts , and I’ll make it burn

Like hell on earth , until you scream no more

I’ll remember your cold dead eyes

That detached stare , that cruel mind

What I thought was trust

Stupid me



Someone wise said , there aint no mistakes

Only enlightenment , light dawning upon us

Yes , laugh away bastard , gimme all you got .

There is my perception , whilst I smile to myself , an imaginary congratulation

When all hope was gone , I found myself again



So this is basically an account of someone who was forced to get into something they did not like (bad decision , apparently ). Enough is enough , they realize . And then , he/she gets out of it .

The basic point that I wish to convey is that even when walls seem to converge on you with an intensity that is baffling , push them away . You might cry , even regret it , for getting out of your shell and feeling the cold air on your skin ….but later , you’ll smile . Maybe a tad later , but when you realize you are free and under no one’s control , the realization that comes with it , priceless .


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