Every word controlled,

Every phrase scrutinized,

every sentence analyzed ,

by agents of the system, of which I am a part ,

well , technically , at least .

Namesake though , just for the records .

I’m scared to order my neurons to flow ,

to open that device of communication ,

it’s been stagnated for too long , far too long.

Inspiring love,hatred and murder all at once

all within an instant ,like those neon flashes.

Scared that it would inspire a tirade,

unleashed against me like Satan himself on earth .

Opinions hindered,ideas roadblocked by “agents of progress”

I laugh silently , progress , haha .

Fear casts its spell , all aboard the silent train .

We think all we want , but the words never flow ,

Like one sock out of two , pointless .

When the word spreads and rebellion ignites,

Don’t blame me , you’ve been adding powder kegs

dynamite and C4 , a heady mix waiting.

When “progress” gets wind of it ,

We’re clamped down , jailed and silenced.

Freedom , for me , is not the word as such

You can shut me up , kill me and skin me alive

But the idea of no man over you

Universal appeal , bitch .

Being controlled , puppet like , not my cuppa tea .

So when dissent is expressed

maybe in ways that Gandhi wouldn’t approve of

dear puppet master , don’t you trod me under or push me down .

Puppet master,your end is near.

A screaming death , your parting gift, for years of silence.

No second thoughts , put mercy aside .

Wake up and beg for mercy , smell the whiskey .

Press that snooze button , and you will wake up to a sight ,

the exact antithesis of your utopia .

I guess I’ve made the meaning I wanted to convey pretty clear throughout this effort of mine.Freedom , not in the sense of doves flying around and people hugging each other , but the idea of no man upon you. And yes , some lines in here are based upon the Arab spring revolution of last year …that was a major inspiration in penning this down .

I am proud of the fact that people are finally standing up to what is right , however small that change might be . I’m proud of you , not the facebook version of 1 like=1 salute proud , but really , standing up for what you trust in is something I have deep regard for .


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