Movie ramblings – London Paris New York


London Paris New York . Wikipedia tells me this is generally abbreviated to LPNY , but I prefer saying the entire thing out loud . Directed and written  by Anu Menon , this film is a pretty good watch , considering the fact that this is mister Menon’s debut directorial venture .


The film starts out in New York , where our guy , Nikhil Chopra (yes , the hero is usually a chopra or a kapoor or a singhania , I know) is being interviewed by a woman about his movie.The main plot begins at the airport , where our guy meets Lalitha Krishnan , the woman with a Maharashtrian and a Tamil Brahmin for parents.


Well educated , and the typical conservative Indian lady ,Aditi Rao Hydari, Lalita is portrayed as being shy , but gets along very well with Nikhil ( to put things in perspective  , not the Meera from cocktail).She yearns for freedom , as she has been living life to satisfy her parents’s expectations her entire life .Trained Bharatnatyam dancer,trained classical singer,trained tennis player ….the list goes on . She realizes enough is enough , abd decides to go to Amrika for studying politics (frankly , I’m still shocked as to how her parents allowed her to study something apart from engineering or medicine..oh well , its a movie , play along).

Ali Zafar, the spoilt son , plays his role well , but I’ve got a few negatives about him . Man , that drawl in your voice ! I don’t know if that was part of the role or not , but the voice is *really* irritating.And yes , I do realize the cockiness is all part of your charm as the spoilt it , but it is my personal opinion that you kinda overdid that part . Your attitude about the whole take life as it comes along thing was , erm , too hipster . But yes , your sense of humor and your acting in the second half , really nice .


Guy and girl meet at the London airport , spend the day together , and decide to meet in New York a few months later . And oh , Aditi is so smiten by him she even snogs him ( tauba tauba ! ) .


New York never happens , and  Nikhil ends up meeting her in Paris instead , where she is on a transfer to the Sorbonne . Aditi had changed by then , evolving into a wine drinking , short haired woman ranting about feminism and generally portraying a rebel look . This is what I loved about that female , so many shades in one film . And those eyes ,  by God , they speak so much without ever saying a word .They end up having sex in Paris , and then she dumps him without ever giving a reason . (Okay , she had come to London to surprise him , only to find sir engaging in coitus with another woman.So tada , revenge).

Phase three : New York . They meet for the third time,and after a few hiccups, they decide to get married and all is well ( it is a Bollywood movie man , don’t look so shocked and all that).

The locales in  the movie.London in the summer , with the flashes of sun and the pubs . Paris , a darker  version , to go along with the charecters , and finally New York , where they kiss by the Hudson river . Beautifully captured .


Probably the best part about the movie is Aditi Rao . Those eyes have something magnetic about them , something that makes you want to stare at them and wonder what they are trying to convey silently . Plus , the shades she exhibits , first as the innocent lalita in London,, then the drunk radical in Paris , and then the older yet wiser Lalita in New York , who but eventually falls for he boyish charms of what was essentially her first love .


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