What will the money do ?

They say we are at the top of the chain on earth …we rule over almost all the other species because of our apparent superiority . But in the process of doing so , we forget the purpose and manner of the survival of our race , the way it was intended to be , co existent . Crush the other species down , yes, the pleasure gained from it will be immense and the fruits , delicious …but for how long ? When will we realize that when all the fish have been drawn out of the water , when all the rivers have run dry with caked toxic waste at the bottom , when all the trees have been  cut to keep us warm during the cold winters , only then will we realize that the money that we printed in copious amounts and the virgin lands that we deflowered with our greed , are of no utility whatsoever . But as they say , there is no point in trying to extract the poison from the sweetened water .

Oh look , what I said has been paraphrased on 9gag !



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