So , I now know I’m considered arrogant .

So , as the one East Russian immigrant staying under a rock in Kanyakumari who reads this blog probably knows , I’m pursuing my engineering . First year student . So , as the tradition goes in the college where I study , we have a party organized by our direct seniors , i.e  , people an year senior to us . It isn’t exactly hazing of any kind , because , lets face it , if they did act weird as fuck or ask me to do anything out of the ordinary , I’d whoop their chocolate brown ass for all it was worth .

And by a strange coincidence of fate , I was the class representative , or as my classmates prefer to call me , the CR . My responsibilities include doing the donkey work , pretending that I give a fuck about what others actually think and their opinions matter in my decision making process . Stuff that way .

So , coming back to the freshers , as the CR , I had to coordinate with the seniors , tell them which of my classmate was doing what for the party . Y’know , like a mediator between the seniors and all of my classmates , a broker , if you want things put simple . It is my honest opinion , that despite the fact that around eighty percentage of my class comprises of boobie  hungry and caste obsessed males , and nuttier than walnuts ladies , I did a pretty decent job , given the time constraints . I did manage to coordinate the details and we ended up having a pretty well organized gathering , considering the large percentage of dumbfucks that outnumber the sane ones with a 10:1 ratio .

At the party , okay , lets see , how do I  put this delicately , I had a , erm , minor altercation with a caste and boobie fanatic senior. The guy had the hots for the  well chested girl and was trying to get close to her , by dissing me in the process .  (the boobies in this particular case belong to a girl I know.If you’re reading this , I mean no disrespect whatsoever.Its just that true love and all of that is romanticized way too much. Guys end up telling a woman they love her within the first few days they met her because she’d look really nice without any clothes on. I chose to disagree , but three fourths of the college would agree to disagree with me and I’d end up looking like a dumbfuck because the minority is always wrong , no ? ) .

So I went to this senior I knew . She was from the same city as I was , so there was the mutual respect and similar cultural upbringing that we could relate to . And to add a tiger prawn to the shrimp cocktail , she was NOT a bimbo . Perfect , eh ? . I went and told her , explaining things in a clear , logical , concise argument , I hope . She didn’t mistake any of what I said as arrogance , because she knew , this is how people from where I was behave , that this is what I’ve been growing up with . Good to know one female gets the hang of what I wish to say , yaay for me .

And then , she dropped the bomb . People , seniors thought I was arrogant . Okay , this was new , probably the first time I’d heard of myself that way . So I asked her if she thought the same . No , you just tell the truth , smack on the face .Frankly , I don’t see anything wrong with that , she said . To put things in perspective , people don’t like it when you jizz on their aces and the spermglaze is free for the entire world to see .

So there lies the apparent core problem with me . If a guy has a douche bag personality and asks me to describe me what his personality type is , I say , ” you sir , have a douche bag personality type “.What am I supposed to do , dole out white lies for no visible benefit of mine ? . As difficult as it for people to admit , I am actually doing a good thing by telling people the truth . You make a mistake during a presentation , and I point it out later , you think I’m arrogant , a know it all .Where the heck did that come from ?! . The only reason I pointed out your mistake was that you would not repeat it , so that that’ll turn you into a homo sapien that is regarded as the closest to perfection by society . Yes , I know society is polluted with acceptance , and you want to be a part of that mess , so aren’t I technically giving you what you exactly want ?

The thing is , you’d rather be a part of a fantasy constructed out a deck of cards than face reality .You’d rather blend into lies that know he truth about yourself . And I ask people I trust , am I doing a bad thing by telling people the truth about themselves ? No , they say . They say it is a very good habit that I tell people exactly what I mean , no half ass lies behind their backs . Whatever I have to say , it is conveyed to them in a manner that is extremely straight forward .So what do I do now , remains the question ? Do I still continue to tell people the truth ’bout them , and risk losing friends in the process ( Okay , I  wouldn’t really place my money on human relations ….they desert you in the end anyways ….we all die alone, so the purpose of human contact ,nullified ).

I’ve decided to approach people with a two pronged approach from now on . Meet them , say hello politely and then , observe . If they seem the shallow types who’d be hurt by the truth , then fine , I’ll give them fodder to feed the fuel of their lies . If they seem like the type who’d see sense in my argument , then , I’ll revert back to the kind of person I really am .

I know the ratio of people in both these classes is really skewed , but as the say , quality is crucial . Even if I find two , optimistically three people who’d appreciate me for what I am , that’ll do .Yes , I’m being extremely optimistic here , but I have hope I’ll find people that way .  The world can go kiss each other’s ass , they never stay forever anyway .


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