I need a holiday , yeah .

How would it be , if I could just leave college ? Get away to a faraway place , with a bit of cash in my pocket , just enough to get by . I’d hire a Royal Enfield , get a black helmet and a leather jacket to go away to a place where no one knows me  . Take a purse full of cash , two bottles of petrol , a bottle of Jack Daniels , a pack of Marlboro and a cheap lighter to pair it along with . A pair of extra jeans , a few ancient t shirts and I’d be done . That is all I’d need .

Get to Goa , or the himalayan foothills , maybe Nainital or even Kashmir , even if the cross country journey is too much to endure for an eighteen year old guy with no riding experience . I want to learn , observe , absorb and relate to things by travelling . And I want to do it alone , people around you is usually a bad thing when you are trying to learn something .

You know what they say about an *experience* right ? . Y’know , the stuff about a life changing journey and all that . It changes you , as a person , as an entity that perceives and understands thing , the manner in which that is done has a noticeable alteration after said life experience .

Meet new people , learn new things , write about new things , collect , process and store all the memories I’ve gathered into my brain and be happy .

And oh , last but not the least , take a picture , something like the one below , but with the additional me smoking a cigarette with a pair of aviators on 🙂


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