The ballad of gaea

You cut me , you hack me

you condemn me to death

progress is what you reason

with a silent face I bear this treason



You can kill me , smile while you murder for profit

But “superior” creatures, remember

I’m the reason , I’m the cause

That you wake up each morning

and take a whiff of that chilly November wind



You hit me , I’ll hit you back

and when I hit back, trust me , I’m accurate as a hawk

repercussionsĀ are far reaching , deadly

but you already knew that , yes ?

tsunamis,earthquakes droughts and floods in the middle of May

visual proof of the anthropocene



You destroy the vast greens I have ,

pollute the deep blues that as a gift I gave

smoke out the naked blue sky

make craters on my face to mine my treasure

I make my own foolproof rules ,

I’ll still survive , paranoid and I will not bow , never oblige ,

I’ll remember your cold dead eyes

the way your lifeless soul stared into mine

I’ve got all the experience that comes with time,

You , don’t . Tick tock , dependent .



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