What do you want ?

Just another soul ,

up for grabs ,

mould me and sculpt me ,

into the desired , profitable shape .

I may hate the way I am ,

but to put food on the table ,

and to take that four wheeler for a spin

on a mundane monday morning ,

I need it , dependent .

Neurons have long been quantified ,

brainpower decided by a degree

*innovation* decided by how I sell myself

*success* decided by the bills I get

*happiness* decided by the size of the property I own

*pleasure* decided by the woman on my arm.

It aint a free world no more ,

yes , look at the outer eggshell , its all pristine white

but delve into the deep coagulated insides ,

and you’ll see , you’ll experience , you’ll know

this obsession with what others perceive

as signs of failure, success, defeat or happiness

Are we that uninspired a race

that we cannot decide what is true and what is false

that we’ve to be told what is acceptable and what is not ?

When will we not give a care ,

of what society will whisper at ?

of what elders with misguided morals will tell us ?

Jeez , are our brains that rotten ?

that I can’t live life my way , without being prodded and judged at every step

Do I have to live for the sake of others ?

Can’t I live for myself , y’know , selfish ?

It isn’t those well beaten and trodden upon paths ,

many chinks , not the perfect armour

But I know it , and maybe so do you

When you want something real bad ,

when you’re willing to travel lengths

the world might hate you for it

But you’re not concerned ,

at least you’re doing what you like , eh ?

I think this a segment of me , in a nutshell . Out .


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