Movie review : how to train your dragon

So I’ve decided to put up a review of any movie I have on the laptop I have . This thing , if implemented correctly , will be really good, considering the number of movies I watch , which is a HUGE number .

So here goes my effort towards a chronological note of all the 150 minute (on an average , that is ) wonders that I watched . I hope I’m punctual in atleast this , considering I lack that particular attribute everywhere else in life .

My first movie is an animation . How to train your dragon . Oh yes , a dreamworks production , ought to be really good , eh ? . Yes , you’re probably wondering why start out with an animation film .You have some movies which you can watch again and again , and again …and never get bored of watching it yet again . Everyone has a few of those , and mine include rang de basanti , armageddon , batman:the dark knight to name a few . This is one of them for me .

The movie’s plot is ridiculously simple . You can almost predict the ending . So there is Hiccup ,our Viking kid . Large eyes , a really calculative mind with a ton of innovative ideas to boost . But as is the case with most kids in India , innovation is looked as a LOLWUT idea . The Vikings don’t like dragons , and the dragons don’t like the vikings . Simple plot , as I said . Hiccup wants to be a Viking in the truest of its sense , that is , a big ass dragon killer . But daddy dearest , the leader of the clan , doesn’t think any Viking without the height of Yao Ming and the biceps of Salman Khan isn’t capable of slaying a dragon .


Our guy has daddy issued too , not getting along with his father because of the very visible differences in opinion . Neither does any other member of the clan , looking at Hiccup as the village idiot . Hiccup designs a contraption to catch a dragon , and experiments with it one day , in the hope of catching a dragon and finally telling his clan he is worthy of a Viking too . He ends up snaring Night fury , the most feared dragon , which he discovers the following day . Hiccup’s compassionate nature gets the better of him and he lets the beast free , albiet with a broken tail , making him unable to fly .

Then begins the slow , beautiful , almost poetic interaction that he has with the dragon . You know what they say about human interaction , about the proximity thing . Thats overrated , if you ask me . Human animal interaction is a lot more ethereal , a lot more understandable , because there are clear cut emotions involved . Hiccup , after a bit of a struggle , becomes the dragon rider . Secretly .





And oh , Hiccup has a lady crush . The brash, tough , war like Astrid . Madam fails to ever recognize Hiccup first , presuming him to be a nut of the highest order . Not my fault , if you ask me . Hiccup is very , well , Un-Viking ish . Hiccup , Astrid and a few other characters of the same order are put up into dragon training school , so that they can learn how to kill dragons and and carry forward the Viking legacy .



Astrid gets to know about Hiccup and toothless , the night fury he now considers his best friend . And Hiccup ends up learning a lot about dragons … not how to kill them , but the psyche behind their behaviour . Astrid hops piggyback on night fury too , and she gets the point behind Hiccup’s love for the dragon too .

Then begins the drama . Night fury goes to mamma dragon , probably the biggest dragon the Viking eye has ever seen . One thing leads to another , and the Vikings assemble the biggest army they ever can to take out the dragons’ lair . The Vikes are shell shocked , and are almost on the verge of defeat , when Hiccup and friends arrive , kill mamma dragon , and save the day . The dragons are happy too , because they’re no longer under the slavish service of the big dragon . And oh , Hiccup loses his foot , and would’ve almost died if it wasn’t for toothless protecting him .

The story ends on a happy note , a land where man and dragon exist happily . As Hiccup says in the ending , “ This is Burke . It snows nine months of the year , and hails the other three . Any food that grows here is tough and tasteless ….the people that grow here are even more so . The only upsides are the pets . While other places have ponies or parrots , we have ….dragons ! “ .

The movie has two really good segments . One , where Hiccup releases the snared night fury and then slowly begins to develop a relation of love and compassion towards it . The way that has been showcased is ..beautiful , to say the least .

Two , where he tells Astrid , his crush , about the entire story regarding why dragons are creatures that can be loved and don’t necessarily need a battle axe ploughed into their heart every time a Viking spots one . I mean , we can all co exist peacefully without having to bother about showcasing our supremacy .  Isn’t that what nature intended anyways , co inhabitance ? .

The plot of the movie is gripping , and the twists and turns keep you wanting more . All credits to the book written by Cressida Cowell . The voicing , by Jay Baruchel and Gerard Butler , lingers in your head for a long time after the movie has ended . And the direction , handled beautifully by Chris Sanders and Dean DeBlois .

And oh , Hiccup and Astrid kiss in the end    🙂 .






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