Come home , child .

They say you’re dead ,

burnt to ashes with the cinders ,

then scattered in the Ganges

Murdered away brutally , cruelly taken away

winged Archangels took you to a better place

That is the lie I’m told .



With but an anodyne tone , I tell them no .

They’re wrong , please tell me so .

I’ve been called mad , deemed a heretic .

But only I hear your song of despair

Reason alludes me , but I’m very sure

Your cry for help ,

that adagio , I hear its crystal clear tone .



I see your reflection in the clear pool outside

those dark blue pods staring right back into me

Saying “I’m sorry , it wasn’t in my hands”

Your soft , aeolian song leads me to you

begging me to forgive you



They took me away from you , I know

and now , the primal instincts tell me

to take you back , claim whats mine

Come,child , lets go home , I’ll be right by your side

even in death , I’ll still be by your side

You can’t reach me , its allright

I’ll just hang in there , I’ll hold on .


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