Bucket list

Did any of you ever have a list of things that you would have liked to do , or would do in the future , if time and the thickness of your wallet would permit so ? . It might be something simple , like having a meal with someone you love at a place you fancy , or even something that might be considered unusual , like maybe wrapping a three foot anaconda around your neck . I do have some of those .

The ideas regarding what I would like to do keep striking me at the most random of time frames and places . The list I have is incomplete and ever changing , but some of the things that I would like to do have found a permanent place . I’d like to add to this list , but for now , these are some of the things I’d like to do .

 Go to St.Petersburg , Russia and have a peg of the finest vodka , maybe even two , by the volga river while watching the sun set. And if it isnt too much to ask , I’d like to share that bottle with someone I like .

 I’d like to learn the art of sniping . And one day , I’d like to own the cheytac M200 intervention .

 Skydive into nothingness , with nothing but the wind on my face .

 Watch manchester united play chelsea at old trafford .

 Get a tattoo for the russian word for “trust” on my right elbow .

 Spend more that 45 minutes in the chamber that absorbs more than 99.99% of all sounds it hears . This is somewhere in the united states , I need to google for further details .

 Fall really hard in love , to the extent where her existance becomes crucial to my survival , then get dumped because she turns out to be a real bitch . Then maybe grow a scraggly beard and cry all alone at my helplessness.

 Visit a native American settlement .

 Get to Finland for two weeks or so , and maybe met some death metal singers . Maybe attend a concert or two .

 Yell typical hyderabadi gaalis at one of the royal guards at Buckingham Palace then laugh at his helplessness because there is absolutely nothing he can do about it .

 Get into a serious road accident .

 Be happy for an entire week .

 Get a picture clicked with deepika padukone , scarlett johannson , johnny depp , sergey brin , amy lee , taylor momsen , lana del rey ,rafael nadal and maria sharapova . Maybe an autograph too .

 Smoke marijuana .

 Make a short film .

 And the last item on the list , for now , a pedicure .


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