Raanjhanna – movie review


If Raanjhanaa , directed by Aanand L Rai of tanu weds manu fame , has to be described in one phrase , it would be “epic gone wrong” . This flick stars the affable Dhanush , and his lady love , sonamkapoor . 
The film starts out in Banaras , which has been captured beautifully in all its myraid colors and hues . The best scenes have to be from the time that the entire city is drenched in the colors of holi . It sets out when our boy Kundan sees zoya for the first time , performing namaaz . A childish crush continues , and it finally culminates in her parents getting to know about Zoya (Sonam kapoor) ,musalmaan , falling in love with a Hindu guy , that too someone with no viable means of economic sustenance in sight . Zoya is sent away to Aligarh to pursue her studies and ends up doing with a political sciences degree  from Delhi ( lucky you zoya , my mum would laugh out with her guts hanging out if I even nearly mentioned doing anything apart from engineering or medicine ) . 
There are a few scenes in this segment of the movie , Dhanush’s innocence , for instance . His character perfectly portrays a man who is head over heels in love . Also , maybe the village simpleton but quite well versed in the ways of the world . He even cuts his hand as a means to scare the lady into falling in love with him , and it does work wonders . 
I’m probably deviating off of the subject at hand here , but I knew a guy who’d do the same . He’d hurt himself physically , or cry , or threaten with harming himself . And due to reasons that still don’t make sense to me , that route he used to take always used to produce results .  I mean , one hundred percent effective . I guess its true of what they say , fear is a much more potent catalyst than love ..ironically , to inspire love within another person . 
So yes , part two , Zoya returns from Aligarh eight years later , and our boy is disappointed because memsaab doesn’t recognize him at first . She eventually does , and therein comes in the big twist after some time. Kundan gets to know zoya is in love with abhay deol , a student politician . Dhanush wrecks her marriage to abhay deol by bringing up the religious angle yet again , and a few minutes later , abhay dies . 
” At times, Dhanush seems to be going down a delusional path expecting the impossible “, says yahoo . I agree . this reminds me a lot of his movie 3 , which was along the same lines . Anyway , I wasn’t too engrossed in the second half of the movie because it sagged on( and had too much of emotional drama in there) , but dhanush gets into student politics in a big way , and he dies in the end , partially due to zoya’s fault . I think . 
A special mention goes out to Kundan’s friend , played by  Mohammed Zeeshan Ayyub and the woman who loves him unconditionally but continues to be scorned by him , played by swara bhaskar . The music by AR Rahman is like any of rahman’s music , it doesn’t seem that good when you listen to it for the first time , but it grows onto you , like a chill creeping up your back . 
In conclusion , Ranjhanna is a good watch , maybe not something in the same league as a wasseypur or a rang de basanti , but once or twice , yes . Dhanush’s quirks and his carefree nature bring a smile . Like where he gets slapped by zoya continually , and when he breaks into a jig in the most unexpected of places or his child like desire to want zoya all for himself , and his almost hitler like dedication to set right his mistakes , all smack of the innocence that can maybe only be found in the smaller towns like banaras .It has a sciencere effort to it , which you can clearly understand andemphatise with . Sonam kapoor blooms in the second period , but I can live with that , considering I once watched Aisha ( yes , the entire thing ) . 
There is this dialogue I liked in the end , which basically conveys the point that he’d rather die than fall in love , because all love brings along with it is misery and unhappiness . But then again , there is hope . Hope that he’d  be reborn as kundan again , and find his zoya again . All over again , just for those moments of happiness . 



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