Lootera – movie review .

So I was bored this weekend with absolutely nothing to do except watch how I met your mother repeats on the laptop and aimlessly scroll down twitter . I ended up googling movie theatres in my area and found lootera , so I went . And because this happens to be Visakhapatnam , I got my ticket for a movie on its third day an hour before the show . So I guess that is one good thing about staying in tier two cities comprising of an extremely large chunk of Telugu movie fanatics .

So , the scene starts out in a palatial Bengali villa , where the traditional Ramkatha play is progressing. Zamnidari Babu and his daughter , the Roychowdarys . A few details into the life of Paki , played exceptionally well by Sonakshi Sinha , We let Ranveer Singh make his entrance .He pretends to be an archaeologist so steal stuff , and he breaks her heart , but we’ll get to that later. The visuals and the setting seem extremely authentic , even the dress sensibilities and the hairstyle of Ranveer Singh , which looks authentic fifties .As good as it gets , I guess.

Paki memsaheb isn’t your typical docile daughter . It’s like she has a bit of impish nature still lingering in her , which makes a brief , but powerful appearances throughout the film . Memsaheb meets Ranveer for the first time , and its attraction , plain and simple .

Then begins the courting , which is refreshing to watch . You can almost predict what would happen next during the process when sonakshi tries various tricks up her sleeve to develop a sense of proximity with Bhaisaheb . But that is the thing about old fashioned romance I guess , you can watch it over and over again , just to notice the way the director handles his subjects . Frankly , this was the best part of the movie for me . The movie is quite a change from the days of today , where the characters engage in physical proximity after ten minutes of the meeting. The chase is what I miss, and Lootera gave me just that . The foreplay to the development of a relationship is often the best part , if you ask me . Why , you ask ? . What happens after you get into a relationship is something I can predict with remarkable ease , but what happens during the early stages , when the bud is blossoming , so to say …. that is something I cannot do .

By the interval , we get to know about Ranveer’s evil schemes . He dumps Paki a few days before they were supposed to get married , steals a valuable idol and basically bankrupts zamindari baby out of most of what he has . The second half gets tedious , if you ask me . Paki’s dad dies from the pain that he trusted a man who betrayed him (LOOOOOL) , and memsaheb shifts to Dalhousie . They meet again , and Ranveer is sorry for his mistakes. He tries to make up for all the wrong that he did , which involves keeping a Tuberculosis afflicted Paki alive , by taking care of her . And dude dies in the end , but Sonakshi lives on . (Okay , she has Tb and probably died after the movie ended , but I don’t get to watch it , so lets just say she lived , yeah ? ) .

So , thats lootera . The best parts of the movie are the details that the director manages to nail spot on, Sonakshi Sinha and Ranveer Singh . Songs , meh . Do watch it once .. It ain’t no rang de Basanti , but it’s quite a good watch .


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