Looks I’d like to execute .

Before I start , I’m writing under the presumption that every person wants to be something that he or she isn’t . You wish to be someone that you are not , because lets face it , being jealous is but human . I’m pretty comfortable being myself , but during certain moments , I see some people zip past me , and I wonder , what if ? . 


In this post , I’d like to mention the two different kinds of looks that I’d like to execute , someday . 


One . 


Early morning . The sun is just peeking out , and there is faint light all around . Me , in ancient chappals . Cargo shorts and a white t shirt , preferably with a Megadeth or Iron maiden inscription on it . Black aviators . And yes , the most important part , I’m driving a bullet . Black , of course . I get down , and take out a pack of miles . Take one out by using my mouth , and not the fingers . Light it up . Take a puff . lie on the bike . 


Two . 


White shirt and pant . Black formal shoes . Red tilak on my forehead . Brown aviators . Gold chain around the neck . I take out an ancient Nokia , as I’m receiving a call . I spit out the paan juice , and threaten the guy on the other end of the phone by using two , or three , insults . I make a threatening gesture , and roll my tongue . 


So , that . 



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