What they want you to believe in


This was from a song by this band called Paramore. Lovely band if you ask me. They’ve got some really good numbers, and the issues / topics which they sing about is pretty diverse. There is this line in one of their songs called Ignorance. For some reason, it hit me on a much deeper level.

Ignorance is your new best friend. Say that once. Say it again. Say it a few more times. Keep doing it. Now, you believe that, don’t you? The point I’m trying to make is exactly that.

They want you to believe what benefits them, not what benefits you. They want you to be weak and servile. They want you to be puppets controlled by a bigger entity. They want you to fall sick so they can peddle their drugs. They want you to have less of paper that they invented. They want you to fail. Because that is how they succeed.

Ignorance is bliss, they say. Couldn’t agree more.


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