Rants – an year ago

So my friend had his birthday a few days ago . And he was throwing a party . Not the kind with party hats , polite happy birthday tunes and cake with candles on it . Alcohol . Fifteen people . As simple as that . I didn’t really get drunk that time , and ended up becoming the sober , calm teetotaller who put everyone in an auto , made sure the ones who wanted to puke did so , put them up at a friend’s place and ensured they stay put right there till the next morning . ( Yes , I’m proud of the fact that I was the big guy who handled everyone that day 😀 ) .

Then I went to another friend’s place , and they wanted to booze again . For those of you who really know me ( which isn’t anyone 😛 ) , I don’t mind booze at any given time of the day . So alcohol it was . They got in Brandy along with coke , and the four of us got pretty drunk . Well , the program lasted until three in the morning , so as you can imagine , four drunk nineteen year olds will have a lot to say .

I’ll get right to it . I’ve never been good at the whole girlfriends thing . Not necessarily a girlfriend , generally the whole relationship process . I did have someone special once upon a time , but it ended and that was it . Also , I have seen a lot of failed relationships around me , so the natural assumption was that everyone that I would meet would end up hurting me and filling me in with pain , so why bother letting yourself loose , being completely vulnerable to someone . People tell me being completely vulnerable to that one other person is a beautiful feeling , but I have my doubts . I sure as hell hope I’m wrong , but till then , the cynic in me is well alive .

Still , I was curious , and it got the better of me that night . There was this guy among the four of us ..he was what we’d refer to as a stud , heck , by Indian standards anyways . He did get around, engaged in coitus with a few of them and was in love twice . All of this by nineteen years of age . Heck , that was impressive, eh ? . And that continued . The women continued to drool over him , and he continued to dump them after he was done with them . The cycle continued , and they never came back to bite him in the ass . I mean , sleeping with a woman whom you *love* and then backing out when you’re done is kinda falling in the moral grey zone , right ?.And morals are something that I’ve been brought up with , and even though I’d love to say I’m an immoral heartless bastard , deep down , I know , I’ll still maybe be on the side of the truth , even though I’d hate myself for it .This guy , man he was different . He’d manipulate his way out of any situation like a watersnake could in the sewage pipes of the marshes .So flexible..adaptable even , to any situation . Morals were lol-worthy in his eyes , and for some reason that I can’t really make sense of , I  respected that , even admired that quality of his . So morally incorrect things are perfectly okay , I asked him ?

And what he said continues to fascinate me to this date . “No “ , he says . You’re simply giving them what they want , so what is the moral wrongdoing that you’re doing ? . I mean , aint that making complete sense ? When Adam and Eve both want to sin , who is God to butt in and save the day ? . When both parties crave for the lust of the flesh , why bring up moral implications and spoil the party . I mean , why is everyone so agreeable to play by the rules ? . You see all this societal pressure of finding the right woman\man , marrying her , settling down   and retiring by sixty , die by eighty after you see your grandkids get married , preferably . This guy was changing that , and by all that nutbags consider holy , it was working .


So I’ve learnt something from what he said . To achieve what you want , moral wrongdoing is not a bad thing . Heck , you’d end up reaching your goals faster . And whoring around for money , not a bad thing either . We fear that if we crave into lust too much , it’ll end up corrupting us , spoiling us …this is where the concept of abstinence comes in . My argument is , why abstain from anything in the first place ? Why not fall deep into sin , and be happy out there , content ? Isn’t the entire purpose of our existence supposedly to find happiness ? .   And if being true to yourself in the truest sense is what it takes to do so , hell , jump right in . Also , one last thing that I learnt from him . Lying is not a bad thing either . Some one said , its only a lie if you’ve been caught …otherwise its just a much more likeable version of the truth . Honestly , I’d think twice about the moral implications that would happen , but people around me have taught me not to do so , because doing that only amplifies the already wide open miasma of guilt for no apparent fault on your part (well , you chose to ignore it ) . So yeah , there’s that . Live it out , if only as a social experiment .



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