Why you don’t matter

Hey there, human reader. Wonder why you feel so good about yourself all the fuckin time ? You have that layer of happiness – wafer thin , covering your deep dark soul that lies inside of it. Peel that away , go on. It’s easy . Just think back and reflect on your life .
Better ? No . I didn’t think so .
You are insignificant . You are worth probably nothing . Everyone you have ever met has been a dick to you . So what do you do ?
Do you keep trying and use the Mahatma Gandhi approach where you will continue to get hurt again and again ? Or just lace up your boots , strap on the fuckin rifle and go to war . By war , no I do not mean a physical war , a war with yourself . Fight against yourself to get out of the fuckin mediocre intellect asshat that you are , and rise . Rise , my human . Rise !

And how does one sttart that ? Well , first things first , keep emotions away . Think of it as a game , and you’ve been thinking with your heart , you idiot. Put the grey matter to use and figure out of way of saying …enough ! . Learn them game well . Play the game . Get good at it . The world is yours .

Second , become Donald Trump . By that , I mean a narcissist . You matter , you fuck . Get that into your head .


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