As man’s instincts,
And machine’s lethal power
Continue to work hand in hand,
You can feel the cataclysm, hear the band.

As the rubber dodges the greens,
And handles sharp ones deftly,
As the sweat continues to pour,
Forgotten, unnoticed, uncared for.

A million hearts beat in anticipation
Of what’s to come.
The blur can now be seen,
The Victor leading with a scarlet cloak.

As the podium bears weight,
The demon drink is popped,
Ecstacy flows akin to blood.
Cometh the hour, Cometh the man.

My basic visualization for this was a combination of a formula one racer and that of a horse racer during the times of Rome’s excessive grandiose indulgence. I’ve tried to combine the richness of the history of rome with the speed that comes with formula one.

Here is a random meme that makes no sense here.


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