Tesla’s Done Being an Automaker—It’s Now an Energy Company. How viable is this?

I’ve always been slightly skeptical of Elon Musk. Don’t get me wrong, I appreciate and respect his engineering abilities. He’s probably one of the smartest CEOs alive today.
The issue i have is with the direction in which the business is going. He says he is building a long term system, something which can sustain and run over time . But at the same time, it’s important to understand the fact that as a business, it’s important to start generating actual sales revenues to sustain in the longer run. And that aspect has not been great for tesla. They’ve tried to better things, like increasing production capacity at their factories, but they’ve been producing relatively smaller outputs when compared to how advanced  the industrial age is these days.

It’d be interesting to see how tesla tackles this issue. It’s crucial to consider the fact that a company cannot keep jumping onto new products / strategies to keep the funding active. ( Musk’s idea to buy solar city, I think, is a move to increase stock prices. Good move, but I don’t think it’s worth the effort and is being given too much credence) . Elon, I believe , at the end of the day, is a true scientist and idealist at heart. While that might be great for the kind of products and ideas that it has, it might not necessarily translate into good business acumen.

I also love the fact that tesla is also looking at the global market for sales and not limiting itself to just traditionally first world counties. The fact that they are launching the product at the same time throughout the world speaks volumes on their effort to truly be seen as a global company.


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