I think I’ve exhausted my luck 

So today, I was driving on my bike from kompally ( a suburb in hyderabad)  to srinagar Colony ( practically in the middle of the city) . It’s around 15 km. I went through junctions which I will name later, but I did not have a red light for any of them. Literally all the lights I went through were green. 

Route taken : pipeline road, suchitra circle, bowenpally PS, paradise circle, MG road, cm office, Nagarjuna circle, tv9 office, srinagar Colony. 

Update : I went through srinagar Colony for the lulz. After that, I went from the ratnadeep supermarket to panjagutta. The cops were stopping everyone at the sides to let the convoy of the governor pass through. This was where I figured the luck was done. But then, the cop stopped me for ten seconds and then let me pass, allowing me to go through Nagarjuna circle, then panjagutta circle and take a u turn to park at hyderabad central. 

I’ll try to put up a map later, because Google is being a bit of a troublesome little app when it comes to me deciding my choice of route. 

Not a single light. 


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