How my paranoid mind works –  part 2 

I’ve decided to post a few conversations as well. Most people tell me that I’m slightly, well, off. So I’m hoping this should make for some interesting reading!

Lets call me Op and the other person x. 

X: Im drinking muskmelonjuice

Op: Why is the fact that that’s a single word that funny to me 😂

X: Good that u find it funny.

Op: I am also planning to work on a research paper which tries to outline the relation between using swear words and intelligence and information storage capacities.

Op: What do you think of it?

X: Sounds good re

X: A couple of years later and I’d want to do a paper with 

Op: Intelligence and info on the same side of the correlation.

Op: Balls 😂

Op: I’d love to work on the kind of stuff you do and combine math with it.

(note : x is into psychology) 

Op: That and combining that information to be used in legal arguments to mess with the heads of the other party has been my life dream.

Op: Apart from having a sound technical base, to verify my credentials.

X: Let’s do this shit

Op: Dream job babe. Not kidding.

Op: Also involves a office in Seattle and setting up myself as an independent consultant 😂

Op: Because Seattle Mein rents are cheaper and it’s closer to sf.

X: You’re obsessed with SF too?😶😶😶

Op: No. I’m obsessed about tracking rent prices in sf.

X: Lol

Op: Mostly because I believe it was at the center of the financial collapse of 2006

X: I love sf

Op: And that the financial crisis is going to repeat again, and that sf is again at it. But this time with the  vc funding for startups leading to insane valuation  bubble.

X: Didn’t get that but ok cool

Op: And rent prices are probably the most important metric.

Op: Haha. I love being told that people don’t understand what I’m saying. It’s a huge ego boost, no idea why.

Op: I guess it’s probably the smug satisfaction of my belief in myself and the kind of ideas I have.


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