Facebook seems to be doing another weird experiment. Or is it just my paranoia? 

Date : 21 July 2016 

Time : from 8:30 to 11:30 AM IST 

Location : Hyderabad , India. 

Current time while writing this post : 11:32 AM 

Been observing this since today morning. Facebook keeps saying that the link to whatever article I click on is broken and they are working on fixing it. I have tried it through three WiFi networks (different providers), as well as the Airtel 4g connection. Giving me the same results. 

Have tried it for articles from The Verge, BBC, Kdnuggets, The Guardian, NYTimes and Venture Beat. 

This is how the screenshot looks : 

What my paranoid mind thinks 

 This is again an experiment by Facebook to figure out at what point to people get frustrated. Remember that time when they did some a/b testing when they saw after how much time do people Uninstall the app when they keep forcing it to crash? This, I think, is something along those lines. They’ve recently tweaked their algorithm to make way for a newsfeed that focuses more on posts made by individual accounts rather than those by brands,and I think this is an extension of the kind of work they’ve been doing to take the brand in a direction that goes back to its original roots. 

Another thing to notice there 

The Facebook year is also being mentioned as 2015,while we’re almost halfway through 2016 now. Weird that they haven’t updated that, since I was always under the impression that Facebook was a company that focuses on very small changes in a big way (for instance, changing their icons, which they have done of late. The entire rebranding effort to project Facebook as something more than a social network, in general, a testament of which is the list of mergers and acquisitions they’ve made over time). 

This might be the area 51 side of me talking, but we’re talking about a company that has done this kind of thing before. They’ve almost gotten away with tracking a lot of user behavior. The major question is, to what user base is he doing this? Is it mostly from South East Asia? Europe? If you do read this post, mention your location and what message you’re getting when you click on links. Should be fun! 

Edit 1 : it’s almost 1 in the afternoon. Still facing the same issue. 


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