Microsoft is trying to be cool kid on the block. And they’re doing a good job at it. 

Microsoft has added a Pokemon Detector to OneDrive, which automatically detects + puts them in a photo album for you. While this might not be huge news or even worth covering, I believe this is a step in the right direction for them. They’ve changed of late, investing in software catering to the Marijuana industry in the USA. Who would have thought that Microsoft, a company whose founder was BFFs with Warren Buffet, an icon of the traditional risk free conventional investor type who shaped much of the industry, could go in this different a direction. 

Heck, wasn’t Microsoft always the bumbling uncle on the block who used to release V 1.0 with a ton of bugs, capture all the market share and then release V 2.0 and above ? What happened to that Microsoft? Is this because of a change in their approach to business or is it just something they seem to be doing on the side? They have diversified of late, and have taken huge steps to not be seen as the bad boy of the tech world (the anti trust lawsuit the US government destroyed a part of his life with #NeverForget  :p). They’ve become a responsible kid now, a far cry from the company’s teenage days, where Gates ruled with an iron fist. It’s almost like a seismic change in their approach to business. How much of it will actually benefit them, remains to be seen. 

Link to article :


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