So I’m writing a recpie –  tangy pepper chicken with a flavored yogurt dip

Here goes. 

Ingredients (use for lesser / more quantities in the same proportion)  

Chicken : 700 grams. Would be better if you had less bones in them, but it’s okay either way. 

Lemons : 4 

Ground pepper : 2 tsp 

Salt : 2 tsp (black or white salt) 

Yogurt : 80 to 100g 

Eggs (optional) :2
The last and the best ingredient (optional) : pickles. When I say pickles, I don’t mean the American  /European ones which are I think vinegar soaked cucumbers. I mean Indian pickles, like mango / ginger. Go only for mango or ginger. Add around 2 tsp for that extra kick. If you don’t have this, try substituting it with habarnero sauce / chill sauce. Use around 2 to  3tsp of sauce. 


1. Take the chicken, yogurt, pepper, salt in a bowl and mix well. If you have the pickle, add it here. 

2. Let it marinate, for a minimum of 30 min. Don’t marinate it for more than 4 hours. 

3. Take some oil in a skillet, wait till it heats, put the chicken  on it, and leave it to cook on a low flame for around 40 min. If you’re in a hurry, you can increase the amount of heat, but the meat might not cook well. 

4. If you want to add the eggs, wait until the chicken has kind of lost its liquid shape and that the meat has hardened / cooked. Then just break the eggs and add them in there. 

4. Serve with the dip and a lemon on the side. 

Pro tip : if you can make a roti (an Indian flat bread) similar to pita bread ( which you can also use), it tastes amazing with it. 

How to make the dip 

Take around 50g of yogurt, garam Masala powder, a pinch of salt and sugar. Add some soy sauce if you have (I didn’t in the picture below, but I have before)  

Done! This is how it looks : 


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