Comparing US states with Indian states 

A bit about me : I’m leaving for the US in 15 days for my masters and I follow what happens around the globe. I like stereotypical humor and dank memes.

And now, with the intention of making people realize that both these countries, in some respects, are pretty darn similar. All opinions expressed here are mine alone and I’m broke so please don’t go all legal on me.


  1. Texas is Bihar
    Why do I say this ? One phrase : The Wild West. Texas has always been a state which is loosely regulated ( hell, they made carrying guns into a college campus legal on the anniversary of a mass shooting ) . And look at Bihar now , travelling an hour on train , you know , cuz prohibition ) . It kind of gives off the same vibe , what wit Texas’ oil industry and Bihar’s manufacturing industry ). All of it ties up, yeah ? Yeah.Look, even their memes give you the same vibe!
  2. DC is Delhi
    I guess this one is pretty obvious. Capital cities, lots of expensive cars, politicians and major hubs just 2 hours away. I could go on to write some more about both these cities , but that’d just be because I’m trying to increase word count ( see what I did there ? )
  3. Detroit is Gurgaon
    Now now now, don’t get mad. Look at how messy Gurgaon’s city is now. I mean sure, it started out as a wonderful idea , but now , the traffic especially has made it hell.  It’s almost like Gurgaon is in limbo. And look at Detroit, a city once home to the best talent, and now seems to have lost some of its sheen . Case in point , the auto crisis of 2008 – 10 . But these cities, despite their difference in age, will survive 🙂 .
  4. NYC is Mumbai
    Captain obvious reporting for duty. Both of them are financial capitals of their nations ( Wall and Dalal , sound like two long lost brothers no ? ) , have a city with a culture that is very well defined , snow / rain wreck damage and we’ve grown up with similar ideas about both of them : NYC, the big apple , where hardwork meant success, and Mumbai, a city where dreams did come true if you worked for it.
  5. California is Karnataka
    It is said that if you throw a stone in Bangalore, your chance of hitting someone who knows Java is 1/3rd. True story. Both Silicon Valley and Bangalore have housed pretty major corporations during their times. And their culture is refreshingly new…in other words, its almost like the young have taken over the older generation in the way the city runs.
  6. Punjab is Florida
    I would like to submit a screen grab for your consideration, which best explains my feelings towards Florida.

    “Disruptive, borderline unhinged and getting ready to fuck up a vote. The only way that could be more Floridan is if one of them was an ageing , heavily armed racist alligator.” I guess, that’s erm, that. If you’re feeling particularly happy, go read this piece on the crippling drug problem in Punjab.  Isn’t this fun ? 🙂Watch the entire video here

  7. Andaman and Nicobar is Guantanamo Bay
    More sadness. Yay. Torture is the theme here. Andaman with its exploitation of locals  and Guantanamo Bay, need I say more. Ironically, its hard to understand why actions of such negativity go on in a place that peaceful.

  8. Lakshadweep is Hawaii
    Both of these places are very chilled out , surrounded by water everywhere and are pretty touristy. And they look pretty similar too, with their geography and everything.
  9. Colorado is Himachal Pradesh
    Scenic beauty + Liberal population + good food + 420 blaze it fgt. Set scenes. I could go on and on about the scenic beauty and how nice the people in Himachal are, but that would be a different story altogether.
  10. New Hampshire is Goa
    New Hampshire has a reputation for scenic locations which are frequented by people from major cities like NYC and DC. It also has a reputation for being the hangout spot for the ultra rich. The same goes for Goa ( remember that Goa trip you were planning for the four years of your engineering but never went ? ) , with the addition of serene beaches. Looking to have a nice weekend getaway ? Look no further.
  11. Chicago is Hyderabad
    Chicago is home to around 29 Fortune 500 companies with a sizable presence in manufacturing and printing . And look at Hyderabad of late – Uber investing a cool 50 million USD ,  Microsoft being present since 1998 , Google deciding to build its largest campus outside USA , Salesforce setting up its first center of excellence , our very own Flipkart deciding to open its largest warehouse  Amazon building its largest campus outside the USA , Apple setting up a maps development center , Airbus setting up helicopter management or Ikea opening its first store.  To this , you add the kind of educational institutions Chicago has ( just the University of Chicago is enough to support this claim ) and the kind of talent is has produced – I think it is a fair assumption  that Hyderabad with institutions like BITS, IIIT , ISB and Nalsar  has also produced some of the best minds in the country.
  12. Chennai is Delaware
    Chennai has always had a reputation as a city where manufacturing and IT was the backbone. Delaware is pretty similar too – with major companies from the banking and manufacturing sector setting up base here. Both of them are a port cities too, with Delaware classified as the largest port for importing fresh produce and Chennai being the second largest container port in the nation.
  13. Las Vegas is … Las Vegas. 
    Crazy Streets of Las Vegas
  14. Oregon is Jharkhand
    The main reason that I am bringing this up is because of the fact that Jharkhand has been shown to misappropriate resources allocated to the state. And in that regard, Oregon is perfect ! Want an example ? They spent 200 million USD on a single website, which, I think you know by now, didn’t work. Want another similarity ? Both the states rich in natural resources . Just that Oregon transformed from a mineral mining based economy to that of a service provider.
  15. Minnesota is Assam
    Minnesota is often looked as the state that is almost Canada. And while Minnesotans might disagree about this, they can agree on the fact that Marshall from How I Met Your Mother has told me repeatedly that Minnesotans are the most polite people to ever exist. And look at Assam. Have you ever seen a sad Assamese ? I mean sure, you do have the army there and things are messed up , but come on , the Assamese people are always smiling man. Its almost infectious.
  16. Utah is Chhattisgarh
    I say this only because I’ve heard amazing stories about the untapped beauty of Chhattisgarh and Utah, which also seems , well , stereotypically speaking , the state which most people have heard about but most wouldn’t go to. Plus , mining is a big deal in both these states as well.
  17. Memphis is Kolkata
    People from both these places love their music. Memphis is often called the birthplaces of Blues and Rock n Roll, while Kolkata is also pretty well known for its artistic side. Another similarity is that the food that is traditionally from Memphis is also very typical of its area… rich in BBQ sauce , so to speak. Kolkata is also known very well for its cuisine , which is very distinct in its own way. And one last similarity , they also have one iconic bridge which everyone has heard of – the Memphis and the Howrah bridge.
  18. Alaska is Uttarakhand
    Uttarakhand is known for its picture perfect scenery and its climatic conditions, which are cold, well, by Indian standards at least. Alaska is bigger by size , but the climate is also cold there. Both places are also known for tourism. Also, both of them like green 😉 ( A weed joke , that is a weed joke ).3-vert
  19. Massachusetts is Gujarat
    I consider Gujratis to be one of the strongest entrepreneurial communities in the nation, and certainly one of the richest. Massachussets is no less, being the third richest state in the USA by per capita income .  Both these states have expanded in a wide variety of sectors, and have always created policies which are business friendly.
  20. Boston is Ahmedabad
    Boston is one of the historical centers of the USA along with a large number of educational institutions, and is considered to be a world leader in entrepreneurship. It also has a strong financial sector and has one of the highest property rents in the USA. And then, look at Ahmedabad , with its institutions – IIM – A , MICA , GNLU ,  NIFT , NID, IIT G  and IIIT G to name a few.1
  21. Pennsylvania is Kerala
    Pennsylvania is a city with a very rich and almost distinct culture of its own. Kerala is no different , with its food , dances and geography. I’ve also considered Kerala to be one of the temples for entrepreneurship in India, with Startup Village changing things in India. Both these states have a very high percentage of population with a high literacy rate.
  22. North Carolina is Uttar Pradesh
    Both North Carolina and UP have been states which have decided fortunes in politics. Both of them also have food which is again, very distinct. Both these states have always focused on a model which favors small businesses.
  23. LA is Mumbai
    Yeah. Mumbai happens to be so awesome that I decided to include it twice in this list. Both India and USA have an almost unhealthy obsession with movies and these two cities are the center of entertainment.6
  24. North Dakota is Sikkim
    Both these states are like those undiscovered treasures that you fall in love with if you meet them , but you don’t because you’re an idiot , and they don’t mind , because they’re cool that way. Heck, North Dakotans have put up sign boards saying “Be Polite” on their highways. Actual image , not kidding. In fact, watch this piece by John Oliver on ND.tumblr_m9lj0m1ZXp1qztjo9o1_r1_1280

    Got more ideas like these ? Let me know !
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