Mountain out of a molehill , Donald Trump style .

Okay , so I just commented on a Facebook status by the U.S. Embassy in India. It was a picture of Obama talking about his kids and I commented “I’m going to miss this guy”.
Now , the US Embassy liked this comment of mine.

Now, what does this mean ? Does this mean there is a person in the Embassy who likes Obama ? Hmm. Why should they ? Well, it’s obvious, you illogical fools. It’s because they’re democrats and because Obama is controlling them. Obama is the one who has made sure that there are 2 million illegal immigrants sleeping tonight , disturbing peaceful families. Obama is making sure we have a messed up economy. But economists say the economy is up ? Well, what do we know. Maybe the economists are under Obama’s control. Maybe, I don’t know, but a lot of people have said it, and I don’t know, he is an alien. Maybe the bigly moon people are the ones doing all the cyber warfare on the internet for nuclear codes and all that, which by the way, I can totally shut down. Shutting down the internet is so easy. I know the internet and I know I can do it greatly and very successfully. Yeah, so what I am saying is that Obama is like the worst president ever, and I know this. Because I say I know it and I do, believe me, I do. So yeah, Obama is like the devil and vote for me , trust me, I’m going to be the greatest president ever.


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